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Black Egan Arms Apartment logo

Egan Arms Apartments

Enjoy the convenience!

Located south of Downtown Shreveport and Bossier City, Egan Arms Apartments is conveniently located near the Red River.  Providing convenient access to Interstates 49 and 20, the community boasts a fantastic location for those seeking an easy commute to nearby city attractions and businesses. Shreveport and Bossier City provide a variety of dining, casinos, art exhibits, and local breweries.

In Shreveport, you'll enjoy the Betty Virginia Park, a local favorite for scenic trails and peaceful picnics. Many local eateries delight residents with a menu of diverse cuisine. From authentic French cafes to tasty Mexican cantinas, restaurants in Highland/Stoner Hill are sure to accommodate every palate. The city is lively at night with buzzing beer gardens, local restaurants, bars, and pool halls. We look forward to welcoming you home to Egan Arms!

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Living room with grey walls, lamp and mirror in corner, grey couch, and wooden coffee table